Posted by: RayJay | November 14, 2007

Pashto Videos

I have also made another blog just to publish the pashto videos. there will be all sort of videos i.e. comedy, music and so on.

Also I will try to make special blog like this Sardar Ali Takkar for individual actor if time permits 😉


ته  څه خبر یے دہ دے مزے نہ پہ جام کښے شونډے دہ یار پرتے دی  

ځه اوس ګرځه لیونے 

Posted by: RayJay | May 8, 2007

ځما خکلے جانانہ Zama Khuklay JANANA

ځما خکلے جانانہ

Posted by: RayJay | May 8, 2007

ځه ته په خنده Za ta pa khunda

ځه ته په خنده 

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